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Agglomeration/ Compaction  For converting powders to a larger form
Continuous Process Dryer  Versatile dryer for a wide variety of applications
Desuperheaters   Efficiently returns superheated steam to its saturated state
Drum Dryers / Drum Flakers   For food and chemical applications
Eductors / Ejectors   For pharmaceutical and chemical applications
Heat Exchangers    Utilizing mixing elements for polymer, monomer, and chemical applications
Process Vessels    Reactors, columns, digesters, heat exchangers built to your specificaitons
Size Reduction    Equipment for reducing materials to a desired particle size
Static Mixers   Helical, HSM, and gas mixers for polymer, extrusion, and chemical lines
Thermal Processing    Equipment for drying, cooling, heating, and reaction
Thin Film / Short Path Processors    For evaporating or distilling heat sensitive or viscous materials